Young Conservatives

May 2009 by David Rufful and Josh Riddle in their dorm room at Dartmouth College, according to the website.

Political position:
Conservative. The site's mission says: "As defenders of freedom in our constitutional republic, it is our mission and duty to steer the country away from the false promises of progressivism and advocate a smaller government of moral absolutes and individual responsibility."

Questionable. Rufful and Riddle claim to have received recognition and praise from the likes of Ted Cruz, Bill O'Reilly, Michelle Malkin and other luminaries in the conservative sphere. YC has a staff page with photos and bios of its contributor. Even with the staff page, the stories are very superficial and it's hard to tell that any independent research or thought was put into the stories on YC. They read very much like the content on lots of other cookie-cutter political websites. Stories on YC are based on content taken from other conservative news sites, like Conservative Tribune and Independent Journal Review and are either copied-and-pasted verbatim or are rewritten to give them an extra edge of conservative tone of voice. It appears that the owners of the site don't put much effort into it these days and are simply reposting content taken from other conservative news outlets.

Other points:
Rufful and Riddle created a rap music video called "Young Con Anthem" which they said was played on O'Reilly Factor, Fox & Friends and VH1. Content on YC is divided into "Politics," "Entertainment" and "Media." YC has a lot of banner ads."

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