Wonkette was founded in 2004 by Ana Marie Cox, who is now a political correspondent for MTV News and who conducts video interviews for the New York Times. It is now owned and edited by Rebecca Schoenkopf.

Political position:
Liberal. Wonkette also pokes fun at and criticizes mainstream media outlets for focusing on "scoops" instead of producing more insightful work. Wonkette also frequently targets right-wing sites like Breitbart and National Review. Wonkette also targets Trump. Its slogan is "International Home of the Resistance."

Wonkette includes both serious pieces about politics and policy, as well as sarcastic and humorous pieces about breaking news and rumors. Many of its humorous pieces are far outside the realm of news, such as a serial graphic novel and animated work. When Wonkette does cover serious issues and events, it does not try to pass itself off as fake news. Rather, it's mostly a satire of what's happening. For example, a recent story begins like this: "Steve Bannon, the pustule factory who serves as Donald Trump's chief strategist and brain surrogate, thrilled the audience at CPAC with lots of nationalist red meat." Wonkette clearly identifies who its authors and editors are, and it provides biographical information and photos of its writers.

Other points:
Wonkette does not display advertising. Instead, it claims to be 100% reader-supported and it prominently features a "donate" link on its home page. Wonkette also sells merchandise, such as shirts and caps, with its name and logo, as well as other apparel that mocks conservative groups and figures. The company that owns Wonkette is called "Commie Girl Industries." Wonkette maintains pages on Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter."

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