Tea Party News (TPNN)


The conservative political consultant Floyd Brown founded Western Journalism in 2008. As of February 2017, the Tea Party News Network site is branded as "The Point—Western Journalism." However, it still refers to itself as the Tea Party News Network under the "About" tab on its home page. Tea Party News Network is part of the Western Journalism network. Western Journalism is based in Phoenix, Arizona. and was acquired in 2014 by Liftable Media Inc., according to Wikipedia.

Political position:
Very conservative with a strong Libertarian bent. All of the stories on the site have a right-wing slant, including pro-Trump pieces and anti-Obama pieces. The stories support Trump's side in his ongoing disputes with the media.

The stories have a very strong right-wing bias. They are based almost entirely on links to stories on other sites and have been rewritten to emphasize the conservative angle and to include plenty of opinions. The events described in the stories seem to all be real events. But the insertion of opinions throughout the stories make them less likely to be read as objective journalism. The writers of stories on TPNN call stories on other sites "fake news," if those stories do not agree with their politics. The stories have bylines that link to a list of stories by the same author, but there is no other identifying information about the authors.

Other points:
The site has not been updated since Jan. 13, 2017, indicating that it may have been abandoned by its owners. The site includes advertising."

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