Western Journalism


Western Journalism was founded by Republican political operative Floyd Brown in 2008. The Phoenix company was later acquired by Liftable Media. Brown was the founder of the Political Action Committee Citizens United, according to Wikipedia. The Western Journalism vaguely resembles the logo of the Wall Street Journal.

Political position:
Conservative. The site was designed to be a conservative counterpart to Huffington Post. In 2008, Brown posted that "Western Journalism is a news company that drives positive cultural change by equipping and informing people with truth." He also said the site is "built for conservative, libertarian, free market and pro-family writers and broadcasters."

Western Journalism is primarily a news aggregation site, with stories that are based on material from other sites and rewritten with a conservative slant. WJ also includes opinion pieces. The site closely resembles many other news aggregation sites with a similar layout and design, and providing very little, if any, details or biographical information about its contributors or owners. Media Matters has included Western Journalism on its list of sites that have promoted and published fake news. Recent stories seem to be about real events, such as Trump skipping the White House Correspondents' Dinner and calling its attendees "fake news."

Other points:
Western Journalism offers several different free email newsletters, such as "Conservative Brief", "Breaking News" and weekly and daily newsletters. The site includes banner ads."

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