April 6, 2014 by Ezra Klein, Matthew Yglesias and Melissa Bell. It is owned by Vox Media, a private company based in New York and Washington that also owns SB Nation, The Verge, Eater, Curbed and several other news and content sites. Vox Media has received equity investments from the likes of NBCUniversal, valuing the company as more than $1 billion, according to Wikipedia.

Political position:
Liberal. The founder, Klein, is the former author of Wonkblog at the Washington Post and a contributor to Bloomberg News and MSNBC. Yglesias is an influential left-wing columnist who previously wrote for Slate. Although Vox is left-wing, it posts so much content written by a wide variety of authors that it will sometimes contain ideas that may not always fit perfectly in the liberal orthodoxy.

Highly trustworthy, albeit with a strong liberal/progressive slant and tone. The site has articles in a variety of categories, including politics, general news, international news, culture, business and more. Vox is considered a highly influential publication in the new wave of online journalism. Vox is known for so-called explanatory journalism (even though sites like The Week dispute this and sites like The Federalist criticize the approach). Vox contains opinion pieces, as well as news aggregation. Vox's stories contain bylines with links to each author's email address. Vox has a masthead with links to lengthy bios and photos of each contributor.

Other points:
Vox has Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. The main news site also embeds a lot of video excerpts from other sources. The site also embeds advertising throughout its pages. Vox is known for its "card stacks," which purport to provide context within article, sort of like an embedded Wikipedia page, although the card entries are written with "a little attitude" instead of as a neutral encyclopedia entry."

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