US Uncut

Unknown. The news site U.S. Uncut is affiliated with the liberal political activist group US Uncut that works to raise awareness about corporate tax avoidance, cuts to social programs and other issues of importance to progressives. The activist group U.S. Uncut was formed by Carl Gibson in February 2011, according to Wikipedia.

Political position:
Liberal. U.S. Uncut takes a fairly standard liberal position on events and does not have an angry or belligerent tone like a lot of other political sites. It does not appear to have an agenda in advancing any one or group of specific causes.

The news site has no information about its managers, editors, writers or publishers. Each story has a byline, but the byline does not link to any biographical information about the author nor does it have an author photo. The news stories on U.S. Uncut are typically based entirely on links to other news sites, such as NBC News, The Hill and New York Daily News. The stories are then rewritten with a liberal bent. The events in the stories all seem to be real and not fabricated.

Other points:
U.S. Uncut, the activist group, has staged protests throughout the U.S. at stores owned by companies that it says are avoiding the payment of corporate taxes. The U.S. Uncut news site typically has several banner advertisements per page. Each news page has a section at the bottom for readers to submit comments."

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