Think Progress

Judd Legum launched it in 2005. Legum, a lawyer, left for a period to work for Hillary Clinton's campaign. He re-joined ThinkProgress in 2012 to become its editor-in-chief. The site is owned by the Center for American Progress.

Political position:
Liberal. ThinkProgress makes no attempt to hide its liberal leanings. While it is a left-wing site, and it is critical of Trump and Republicans, the stories and content do not take a vitriolic tone toward right-wingers. One headline reads "229 House Republicans just voted to keep Trump's tax returns secret." Another says "Trump echoes David Duke, reportedly suggests Jews are behind threats."

This site is trustworthy. ThinkProgress has bios and photographs of its staff of more than 30 writers, editors and contributors. ThinkProgress has employed several notable writers who have gone to work for other real news publications, including Matthew Yglesias, Alyssa Rosenberg and Nico Pitney. ThinkProgress' stories clearly cite all of its sources and are based on real events.

Other points:
Content is divided into several sections: climate, politics, culture, justice, immigration, features and video. ThinkProgress has Facebook and Twitter pages. ThinkProgress does not have advertising but it accepts donations. It currently has a link on its site titled "Resist" which accepts donations for the Trump Investigative Fund. ThinkProgress has a distinctive website design featuring a shade of purple and its own logo that fuses the letters T and P. ThinkProgress' blog on climate change, ClimateProgress, has been commended by several mainstream news publications including the New York Times' Thomas Friedman."

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