The Right Scoop

Unknown. The Right Scoop provides no information about its founding, its owners, editors or writers.

Political position:
Conservative, although with occasional pieces that drift from the standard-bearing right-wing position. But for the most part, The Right Scoop is a typical conservative site in that it rails on Democrats, slams Obama and Obamacare and includes stories that support the right-wing position on my issues.

Most of its stories are opinion pieces and do not seem to present themselves as news. Most pieces are simply links to videos from Fox News or other networks, plus some links to various right-wing news sites.

Other points:
The Right Scoop has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. The Right Scoop has a link to a page saying that it accepts advertising, but there are currently no ads on the site. Each news page includes a comment section at the bottom and there are frequently lots of commenters."

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