Political Insider


Apparently PI was founded in March 2015 and is owned by Aurora Media, although it's somewhat unclear because of the way the site is organized. Aurora's CEO is Kevin Lucido. PI has an About page, but it offers no details about anything related to the site's timeline for being established, nor its owners or editors. Other pages say that Rusty Weiss, the blogger behind "Mental Recession," is one of its writers, but it does not say that he is PI's founder.

Political position:
Stridently conservative. The site's stories are written to praise Trump and criticize Democrats.

Very questionable. Although there are bios for some of the site's authors, they do not include their last names nor they do they have photos. (The byline "Rusty" presumably belongs to Rusty Weiss.) The stories are seemingly not based on original reporting, but are linked to news on other sites. Many of these other sites are questionable. Political Insider's stories also cite real news organizations such as Fox News. Some of the stories cite no sources whatsoever.

Other points:
Political Insider includes advertising. It has a very generic, non-distinct design, raising questions about whether the site is populated with its stories by some kind of bot. The stories include comment sections, which tend to be very popular. Content is divided into the sections Current, Politics, Culture, Hot and Videos. PI offers a free email newsletter and free registration."

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