The Gateway Pundit

Late 2004 by Jim Hoft.

Political position:
Conservative. Its motto is "Where Hope Finally Made a Comeback." The site's tone is very belligerent and hostile towards liberals. The site includes plenty of stories slamming Clinton and Obama and praising the actions of Trump.

GP is primarily a news aggregator. The site publishes a lot of falsehoods, according to Politico, CNN, the New York Times and others. For example, GP published a story that said protestors in Austin, Texas were bussed in by George Soros. GP also published a story that said an Ohio postal worker was destroying absentee ballots cast by Trump. GP has accused those same outlets of publishing fake news stories. One's opinion of this site is likely dependent on their political views. Hoft and another of his staff members were given White House press credentials by Trump. The site has been given awards by the Conservative Political Action Conference. Many of its stories are loosely based on stories from other sites, and which have been rewritten to provide a conservative slant. In a recent day, one of its fake news stories was about ISIS fitting a "suicide belt" on a puppy. Gateway Pundit is included on a list of sites considered fake news by the group Media Matters for America.

Other points:
Gateway Pundit includes advertising. It maintains Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages."

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