The Federalist Papers Project

Unknown, as there is no identifying information on the site about its creators. Wikipedia does not have a page about this site. It was first tracked in 2011 by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Political position:
Conservative and pro-Trump. The site proclaims that it is empowering news through a strict knowledge of Federalism and it contains links to pages (of its own creation) describing the U.S. Constitution and the Federalist Papers. However, none of the news stories on the site actually contain any analysis or insight based upon any kind of strict reading of the Federalist Papers. Nor is there any kind of content on the site that makes it appear as if there is some kind of ongoing project based on the Federalist Papers.

The site does not provide the names of its owners, writers or editors. Stories contain a byline with a name but no other biographical information on the writer. FPP is primarily a news aggregator with links to stories on other sites, such as the Chicago Sun-Times, although the links do not always work. The stories are written with a strong conservative and pro-Trump bias.

Other points:
FPP has its own Facebook and Twitter pages. The main website contains banner ads and pop-up ads and videos."

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