The Federalist

"The FederalistLaunched:The Federalist was launched in September 2013 by conservative writer Ben Domenech and Sean Davis. Domenech, who remains the site's publisher, is the former managing editor of health care policy at The Heartland Institute, according to Wikipedia. Domenech was forced to quit his job as a blogger for the Washington Post after he was found to have plagiarized other writers. The Federalist site is owned by FDRLST Media.

Political position:
Conservative and Libertarian. The site's stated mission is to avoid "horse-race" elements of news coverage and instead emphasize the political/philosophical elements of news. Even with The Federalist's highly intelligent pieces, it's still straight-down-the-line conservative in virtually every posting. It includes no content from authors outside the right-wing sphere. However, the site does include some pieces that stray somewhat from right-wing orthodoxy, such as a piece saying that the best approach to illegal immigration is to stabilize Mexico, rather than build a wall along the Mexican border.

This is a very trustworthy site. It includes analysis of current events and well-reasoned opinion pieces signed by authors with extensive biographies. Writers and editors include conservative commentator David Harsanyi and journalist Mollie Hemingway. The site is considered influential in political circles. The site features content in a number of different categories, including foreign affairs, the performing arts, pop culture, sports and books.

Other points:
The Federalist has a distinctive website design and a unique logo, setting it apart from the army of fake news sites with cookie-cutter designs. The Federalist has a free email newsletter. The site also publishes The Transom, a newsletter for political insiders that costs $30 per year. The Federalist does not include advertising. The Federalist maintains Facebook and Twitter accounts."

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