The Blacksphere

Unknown. The site was first tracked in June 2009 by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. The site's founder, Kevin Jackson, is a talk radio host in Tampa, Florida. He is also an author of books including "The Big Black Lie" and "Race Pimping: The Multitrillion-Dollar Business of Liberalism." He has also worked in the technology industry and has a degree in electrical engineering, according to his bio on the site.

Political position:
Very conservative. A rundown of stories on Feb. 24: An article praising Trump for banning CNN, New York Times and others from a news conference; an article about a Muslim who says why Muslims don't want peace; an event where a crowd praises Trump's immigration policies; and an instance where a Muslim spits in the face of a white infant. The spitting story is based on a link to a story in the UK online publication Chronicle Live.

Stories on the Blacksphere are composed of information aggregated from other news sites, sprinkled with a liberal dose of opinions. The events described in the stories on Blacksphere all seem to be real, but the stories are not written in an objective way and read more like opinion pieces. The site includes named bylines, but there is no other information identifying the authors.

Other points:
The Blacksphere includes both banner advertising and pop-up ads. Jackson has an explanation on the site about why he includes ads, although he does not say whether he plans to offer paid subscriptions. Blacksphere also has accounts on Facebook and Google Plus."

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