Originally known as Blue Nation Review, but was relaunched under the name Shareblue in September 2006, according to Wikipedia. Wikipedia also says that it is owned by a political activist and journalist named David Brock and is run by Peter Daou, who worked on Hillary Clinton's staff in the U.S. Senate. However, neither Brock nor Daou are currently listed on the site's page naming its staff members.

Political position:
This site is fully supportive of Democratic Party politics. It specifically states on its site that its mission is to delegitimize the presidency of Trump. A headline for a lead story is "Republican Senator Gets Owned by 7-Year-Old at Town Hall." Another story says that "America Misses Obama."

Shareblue appears to generate its own original stories. The sources for most sources are links to stories on other sites, such as Politico, ABC News and the Los Angeles Times, as well as direct links to videos in which political officials are speaking. Shareblue's reporters do not seem to conduct their own original interviews. The Shareblue staff page includes photos of staff members and includes short bios; some of its writers have worked for other legitimate organizations, such as The New Republic, Emily's List and Benchmark Politics.

Other points:
Shareblue does not contain advertising. Shareblue maintains accounts/pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube."

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