Right Wing News


The site appears to have been launched in 2012. Its owner is John Hawkins, a conservative writer and political operative.

Political position:
Conservative. The site's slogan is Stand Up, Speak Now, Fight Back. And its logo is a fist. RWN takes a somewhat belligerent tone toward its liberal enemies. Headline examples: "Democrats select convicted terrorist to lead next Women's March" and "Uh-Oh: New Study Reveals Actual Cause of Climate Change—Liberals About to IMPLODE!"

The site's owner, John Hawkins, provides a lengthy bio of himself. Hawkins has also been involved in many other ventures including the site Linkiest and the Looking Spoon. He has interviewed as wide range of conservative figures like Ann Coulter, Don Rumsfeld, Andrew Breitbart and Karl Rove. He has also worked on the campaigns of Republican officials. He has also written for other sites like Washington Examiner and Townhall.com. The site's other authors have bios attached to their bylines. Right Wing News takes stories written by other sites, links to them and rewrites them with its own tone. It primarily, if not exclusively, links to other conservative-leaning. The events and issues covered on Right Wing News all seem to have taken place and are not fabricated.

Other points:
RWN accepts advertising. It maintains an RSS feed, as well as pages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The RWN site has a somewhat distinctive design and layout and does not appear to be completely a cut-and-paste cookie cutter copy job. Hawkins maintains a running list of his own appearances on other TV and radio shows, podcasts and other outlets."

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