Red State

Founded in 2004 by the conservative bloggers Josh Trevino, Ben Domenech and Mike Krempasky. In 2005, Erick Erickson, a lawyer in Macon, Ga., where he was also a city councilman, joined the site as editor. Erickson has since moved on to host a radio show. In 2014, Red State was sold to the Christian broadcaster and publisher Salem Media and Erickson left the site to focus on his radio show. Red State is now edited by Caleb Howe.

Political position:
Right-wing, although Erickson got into hot water with many conservatives by bashing Trump. RedState has become one of the more influential conservative websites, with opinion pieces that span a range of views within the conservative sphere.

RedState is more of a forum for conservative ideas than a news site. RedState does post opinion pieces; one recent headline: Conservatives Should Not Consider the CIA the Enemy of the American People. RedState also posts content that read as stories, but many are closer to opinion pieces. Much of its content are rehashings of other stories posted elsewhere, although it does link to both right-wing news sites, like Bearing Arms, and mainstream news sites like the Associated Press.

Other points:
RedState has a free email newsletter. It accepts and posts advertising on some of its pages. In addition to its site, RedState also organizes and hosts gatherings for conservative grassroots organizations. RedState has active Facebook and Twitter pages."

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