Red Flag News

Founded in 2008 by J.R. Elliott, who is also its current administrator, according to the site. Elliott posts a photo of himself with sunglasses on RFN's About page.

Political position:
Right-wing. RFN places at the top of its home page the statement "The liberal media are everywhere." So RFN joins a long line of conservative websites that believe that liberals control the media and that their site exists to fight against that. RFN makes no bones about its political position in its content; one story's headline is "Liberal Activist Pleads Guilty to 14 Counts of Voter Fraud—That Thing the Left Says Doesn't Happen." One of RFN's news categories is "fake" news, which are links to off-site stories that purport to bolster Trump's claims that real news organizations are publishing fake news.

RFN is a news aggregation site. For example, the story about the woman sentenced for voter fraud was covered in news sites like Breitbart but also mainstream news sites like the Cleveland Plain Dealer. RFN linked to the right-wing news site Daily Wire for its version of the story … which was simply a reposting, word-for-word of the Daily Wire's story. In other words, RFN is simply a news aggregator, reposting stories from other right-wing web sites on its own page.

Other points:
RFN offers its readers the ability to avoid ads by reading it through its smartphone app. RFN also has accounts on Facebook, Disqus and Twitter. RFN also accepts donations and does not display advertising. Elliott boasts on the site's About page that he doesn't do interviews or respond to emails and that he lives in a small northern Utah ski town."

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