Power Line


Founded in May 2002 by three lawyers who attended Dartmouth: John Hinderaker, Scott Johnson and Paul Mirengoff. It has since added Steven Hayward as a contributor. PL also names its publisher, Joe Malchow, and includes his bio and photo on the site.

Political position:
Right-wing. PL has been endorsed by the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Like many conservative sites, Power Line is obsessed with the idea that the mainstream has a liberal bias. Many of PL's stories touch on this theme.

PL is very transparent about who writes its articles, with named bylines, bios and photos. PL cites its sources in its stories, which are typically other right-wing sites like Instapundit. PL's stories are presented as a kind of hybrid between objective news stories and opinion pieces; virtually all assume that whatever Trump says is correct and that anyone who opposes him is wrong. As a general rule, PL's stories are very well thought-out, well-reasoned and approached from an intellectual point of view. They do not seem to be peddling fake news.

Other points:
PL has several news sections organized by specific topics, such as "The IRS Scandal," "Deep Secrets of Racial Profiling" and "The War on the Koch BrothersPL has a live online chat room to discuss current events. PL also posts podcasts by its authors. PL is a vocal supporter of Israeli politics, with a picture of the U.S. and Israeli flags appearing side by side. PL accepts ads, although it also accepts donations so it can get rid of the ads. News stories have comment sections at the bottom of each page."

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