Political Ears


Possibly March 2014. The site does not identify its owners or include an "About" section. There is a 2017 copyright at the bottom of the page, but no other information about when it was established. Political Ears was first saved as a site on March 12, 2014, according to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine

Political position:
Conservative. Political Ears seems to have a slight focus on immigration issues but for the most part its content covers a fairly broad spectrum of issues, including foreign affairs; the national deficit; and pro-Trump, anti-Obama and anti-Clinton material.

Political Ears is virtually all links to outside websites and does not seem to create its own content. Links are to sites like Young Conservatives, Western Journalism, Allen B. West and Downtrend.

Other points:
Political Ears posts a lot of political memes on its Facebook page, typically reposts of memes created by other sights.Political Ears has a tab across the top of the page linking to categories like Entertainment and Health, but many of the items are links to politically themed posts about those subjects.The site includes a comment feature at the bottom of each page."

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