PJ Media


In 2005 by Roger L. Simon, Charles Johnson and Glenn Reynolds, originally known as Pajamas Media. It is currently owned by billionaire hi-tech entrepreneur Aubrey Chernick, according to Wikipedia. PJ Media continues to operate its namesake news site, but in May 2016 it shut down its PJTV online video network.

Political position:
Conservative with a special focus on trying to debunk stories in the mainstream media, especially those with what its founders deem a liberal emphasis. PJ Media's stories do not take the kind of nasty, belligerent tone that many other political news sites have.

PJ Media seems to be a trustworthy news source. Its founders all have a background in real journalism; Reynolds, for example, started the conservative Instapundit blog. PJ Media's authors all include extensive bios and photos on the site; its authors have written for legit publications like The Hill, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and more. The stories on PJ Media contain original reporting and interviews. They also clearly attribute the source of stories when they come from outside news sources. PJ Media's stories are lengthy and typically contain multiple sources. Interestingly, PJ Media published a story about why news outlets like the New York Times are fake news.

Other points:
PJ Media contains banner ads. Stories feature a section at the bottom that allows readers to submit comments. Most of PJ Media's stories tend to have a political angle, but the site also has content sections about homeland security, parenting, faith and lifestyle."

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