The Other 98%

Founded on April 15, 2010 by John Sellers and Andy Menconi. Sellers previously worked for Greenpeace and Menconi is a graphic designer. Other 98% is based in Vashon, Washington.

Political position:
Left-wing. Its main political positions are opposing favorable tax treatment for corporations and an increase in the minimum wage. Its slogan is "Kicking corporate asses for the harder working classes." Most of its stories do tend to be about issues related to taxes and favorable treatment for corporations like Koch and Wall Street. It also says that it is "committed to fighting Trump's agenda."

PunditFact/PolitiFact says that three-fourths of what The Other 98% has published is false. Mediabiasfactcheck says about half of its stories are true. Other 98% lists the names and bios of its staff members, owners and writers, but does not provide photos. One recent story with the headline "Legalized Cheating" is about how big corporations are stealing money that's needed for roads, bridges and the like.

Other points:
Other 98% accepts donations and it does not post advertising. In addition to its stories about taxes and corporate greed, Other 98% also has sections called "Climate", "Justice" (legal issues) and "Direct Action" (labor unions and other types of political activism and protests). Other 98% has Facebook and Twitter pages."

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