Occupy Democrats


Unknown. The site does not indicate when it began or who its administrators or founders are. The site was first tracked by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine in 2013.

Political position:
Liberal. The stories on the site are uniformly pro-Democratic Party causes and anti-Trump. The site does not take an extremely bitter or nasty tone with Trump as some other sites do.

Occupy Democrats does not include the names of its writers or owners. It claims to be a part of the Occupy Movement, however it's unclear whether is an actual or official connection between the Movement and this site. The Occupy Democrats site makes use of a logo used by the Obama campaign, but there is also no indication one way or another if the site is affiliated with the Obama campaign. Because the Occupy movement operates in a decentralized fashion, in much the same way as the Tea Party movement, there may not be one overarching Occupy website or news site. The articles on Occupy Democrats are of the typical aggregation variety, where stories are sourced via links to outside sites and then are rewritten to add the liberal tone of voice.

Other points:
Occupy Democrats has both Facebook and Twitter pages. The web site includes advertisements. The site's content sections are divided into Economy, Human Rights, Media and Politics. It also has a Spanish version."

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