Founded in September 1998 by Christopher Ruddy, a close friend and adviser to Trump. Newsmax was founded with the financial support of the family of former CIA Director William Casey, as well as Richard Scaife, publisher of the right-wing newspaper Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Newsmax has also had other well-established figures from the journalism field on its staff, including former newsmen from Newsweek, UPI and Forbes. Its advisers have included former Secretary of State Alexander Haig.

Political position:
Conservative. Newsmax picks stories that highlight the conservative spin on issues, and the content that it generates itself has a right-wing spin.

Newsmax stories appear to be those that are generated by its own staff, as well as an aggregation of stories taken from other sites, including both right-wing sites like Washington Examiner and objective news organizations like the AP.. Newsmax columnists and regulars include George F. Will, Rush Limbaugh, Alan Dershowitz and Kathleen Parker.

Other points:
Newsmax ranks as one of the top-read, most-popular news sites, ranking among the likes of Fox News, Huffington Post and NBC News. Nielsen has ranked Newsmax as the most-trafficked conservative news site. Newsmax accepts advertising and it also has a free email newsletter. In addition to its text content, Newsmax also has an online video channel with regularly scheduled programs like The Apocalypse, which touches on issues that threaten the Western world; an ongoing celebration of Ronald Reagan; and a celebration of Trump's plan to "save America." Newsmax also runs its own feature stories on health issues (not healthcare insurance policy, although that's covered on the news part of the site); finance and world affairs."

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