NewsBusters is a member of the Media Research Center family of sites. It was founded in 2005 by the MRC with conservative blogger Matthew Sheffield.

Political position:
Like all MRC sites, NewsBusters' goal is to criticize the mainstream media for what it sees as its inherent liberal bias. NewsBusters defends both conservatives and neoconservatives. It criticizes not only media but also any public figure, including musicians and athletes, for making public statements that NewsBusters deems to have a liberal bias. The current theme of many NewsBusters articles is that the media is "terrified" of Trump and that's why they are giving him negative coverage.

Like all MRC sites, NewsBusters' content takes a hardcore right-wing point of view; it frequently, if not always, leaves out a liberal point of view, omits evidence from opposing viewpoints, and treats all topics as if they are right and everyone who disagrees with them is wrong. It's simply news written with a very upfront point-of-view. Essentially every piece of content on NewsBusters is an opinion piece. Any reader should approach a NewsBusters content piece being mindful that the site applies selective evidence in order to make its point, rather than attempting to present all sides of a story. NewsBusters usually takes the position that if a journalist does anything that is not in full support of a conservative or Republican, then they are the liberal enemy.

Other points:
NewsBusters accepts donations and is a registered non-profit organization. NewsBusters also accepts advertising."

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