Media Research Center

Media Research Center is the self-described "America's Media Watchdog" that was founded in 1987 by hard-right-wing activist L. Brent Bozell III. It owns several content websites, including, NewsBusters, MRCBusiness

Political position:
MRC's sole mission in life is to debunk the liberal bias it sees in the mainstream media. It does this by conducting content analysis through its variety of sites. MRS has one of the most extreme right-wing points of view of any of the conservative news sites. All of its articles are highly slanted toward right-wing positions.

Because of MRC's extreme political views, its ability to publish stories that could be deemed trustworthy is very suspect. If one approaches reading MRC with the mindset that it will always take a conservative viewpoint, it's possible to derive some benefit from reading its articles. But content on any of MRC's sites frequently, if not as a general rule, omit evidence that represents opposing viewpoints, and it frequently writes conservative opinions as if they are facts. MRC clearly identifies its founders and other staff members and even posts a photo of its building on its site.

Other points:
MRC accepts donations and it also accepts advertising. It currently publishes six websites: CNS News, MRC TV, NewsBusters, MRC Business, MRC Culture and MRC Latino. MRC maintains sites on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Google+. MRC hosts "galas" in which they skewer all of the things they find in media that they deem offensive."

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