Liberty Writers News

In 2015 by Paris Wade and Ben Goldman, according to Wikipedia, citing two articles in the Washington Post. The Post calls Liberty Writers News a "fake news" site and a columnist criticizes its owners for creating fictional news stories when real journalists are trying to report real news and sometimes are being killed for their efforts.

Political position:
Hard-right-wing and aggressively pro-Trump. Article headlines include the following: "Obama Birth Secrets Revealed" and " Top Official Set to Testify Against Hillary Clinton Found DEAD!" and "This Video Proves the Clintons Tried to Assassinate Their Chinese Fundraiser."

Not trustworthy. Liberty Writers News' stories link to other fake-news sites. Although the events mentioned in some of the content within its pages did actually happen, LWN adds so much of its own opinion and fabricated information that none of it is believable. Its "about" page says the site was founded by Paris Swade and Danny Gold (not the founders' real names) and includes a photo (doubtful it's the actual founders). LWN does provide an actual street address in Las Vegas as its headquarters, as well as a phone number with a Nevada area code. LWN does include this statement on its site: "Liberty Writers News stands behind its work and we strive to be authentic, equitable, and entertaining."

Other points:
Liberty Writers News has a free email newsletter. It does not appear to offer a paid subscription product. The site contains a lot of banner ads."

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