Left Action


John Hlinko founded Left Action in 2011. Hlinko is a public relations practitioner and political activist who has been involved in political campaign. The Left Action site claims to be a network of various progressive groups that has banded together to create Facebook pages and other content opposing various conservative figures.

Political position:
Liberal. The site has a fairly straightforward liberal approach to news and issues. It occasionally takes a mean streak in its approach, with headlines like the following: "Dear Australia, We're Sorry Our President Is Such an Ass" and "Send Paul Ryan a Pair of Balls."

Other than John Hlinko, Left Action does not identify its authors, writers, editors or administrators. Left Action is not really a news site. While it has a section called "news", the news on it is really just headlines and photos with no content. The main section of Left Action is the section called "Actions", which is actually a series of petitions that the site has created and is circulating online to gain signatures. One example of such petitions is "Demand an investigation into Trump-Russia connections." The information included with the petitions does not include any sources or attributions.

Other points:
The layout and design Left Action is not based on a cookie-cutter template. Its primary color is a lime green and it has a logo feature the words Left and Action separated by something resembling an explosion."

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