Judicial Watch


July 1994 by right-wing activist Larry Klayman. After Klayman left JW, he sued his successor for stealing his ideas.

Political position:
Right-wing. Most of the lawsuits filed by JW have been against Democratic officials, including Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and the Obama administration. However, JW has filed some lawsuits against Republicans, such as its lawsuit against the George W. Bush administration for access to files related to Dick Cheney's energy projects.

Judicial Watch is not a news site. It is a conservative activist group that files lawsuits against Democrats and liberal groups, and also files Freedom of Information Act requests to obtain information. JW does not publish news, except for content that publicizes the developments of the lawsuits it is pursuing.

Other points:
Most of JW's lawsuits have been dismissed, according to Wikipedia. JW is funded through donations by conservative activists, including the billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife."

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