Independent Journal Review

IJR was founded in 2012 by Republican Party operatives Alex Skatell and Phil Musser. IJR is based in Alexandria, Va., and has 52 employees, according to Wikipedia.

Political position:
Conservative, with a center-right audience, according to Wikipedia. The stories on IJR do not have a blatant conservative slant and many of them appear to have no slant at all. IJR's mission statement says: "We're a social first, mobile first news company serving millions of Americans each day with informative content. We're dedicated to reporting political and cultural news in an objective, fair, and entertaining way to a large and engaged independent-minded audience."

IJR is considered trustworthy. It partnered with ABC News to host the GOP presidential debate in February 2016. IJR in November 2016 became one of the first two online news sites to be admitted into the Newspaper Association of America. IJR has published scoops, including being the first to report that Trump would nominate Neil Gorsuch for an opening on the Supreme Court. IJR links to the Twitter pages and has photos of its contributors. Many of the stories on IJR appear to have little or nothing to do with politics and seem to be almost humorous in nature. Many of IJR stories are based only on links to outside news sites and in that sense, IJR works essentially as a news aggregator. IJR "has not been reviewed for any false claims through the major fact checkers," according to

Other points:
Users can create free accounts using their email or Facebook account. The site does have ads. IJR divides up content into Culture/Entertainment, family, nation, opinion and politics; as well as the categories "Lift," "Maybe" and "Wildfire" which are unexplained and don't appear to have anything in common within each section."

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