I have the Truth


In 2012 by Rodney Lee Conover, a former potential candidate for Congress in the 8th District of California in 2014. Conover withdrew from the race prior to the deadline.

Political position:
Hard-core conservative. Conover claims to hate Democrats and liberals and espouses that he would like to kill them. He was an active supporter of Ted Cruz in the GOP primaries and he is associated with the website of Joe the Plumber, a Tea Party figure.

Questionable. Many of the stories are based on links to other right-wing sites, many of which appear to be fake news, such as Conservative Tribune and Breitbart. Some of the stories are based on real events but have a hardline conservative point of view. Conover has written for the right-wing news site Breitbart. Some of Conover's pieces on IHTT are actually opinion pieces but are written to appear as if they are news sites. Some of the other named bylines on the IHTT site do not include biographical information. Most of the news articles on the site are extremely short in length, typically no longer than 100 words.

Other points:
IHTT has advertising on the site, including both banner ads and pop-ups, but no paid subscription offering. The site does have a free email newsletter. IHTT also maintains Facebook and Twitter pages and it has a page of videos that it curates from various parts of the Web."

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