Freedom Works

The conservative organization FreedomWorks was founded in 2004, growing out of a group formed by the billionaire Koch Brothers. It has been noted to have close ties with Tea Party groups, according to Wikipedia. It's unclear when the news section of the FreedomWorks web site was launched.

Political position:
Conservative/Libertarian. FreedomWorks is identified with the Tea Party movement's positions of lower or no taxes; "preserving liberty"; supporting free enterprise; and reducing the role of government.

The content pieces on FreedomWorks clearly cite their sources of information. And there is a very helpful "tag" system that helps categorize stories by subject. Further, the authors of the pieces on FreedomWorks all clearly identify themselves through photos. The content is also presented as if they are news stories. All of that said, the content on FreedomWorks really is not news. It's more like the thought pieces that think tanks and political advocacy groups put out, where they clearly state their preferences and hopes for certain topics. This is not to say that FreedomWorks is fake news, but rather that it's not news at all. It's simply a platform to provide an update on various issues that FreedomWorks supports as a group.

Other points:
FreedomWorks solicits donations on its website. It has a "donate" click link in a very prominent position on its home page. A large banner at the top of the FreedomWorks page promotes an upcoming event in Washington featuring GOP Sen. Ted Cruz."

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