Freedom Daily

Unknown. The site provides no information about its owners, administrators, writers or editors.

Political position:
Hardcore conservative. Lots of stories bashing Muslims and criticizing groups like Black Lives Matter. The site's slogan is "Conservative News HQ." Lots of pro-Trump stories that praise Trump for attacking Democrats and celebrities that make statements criticizing him. The site says of itself: "We post and decipher content to a level that is consistent with a common sense approach and falls in line with the ideals of American liberty and freedom."

The stories have bylines and the reporters/writers have biographies on the site. But the bios are very vaguely written and provide no actual details. The stories themselves are sometimes about real events, but are rewritten to be skewed with a conservative tone. Stories are sourced to other conservative sites like Biz Pac Daily, TruthFeed and Bretibart. Freedom Daily has a prominent link to Warrior Talk Radio, but it does not say if it's officially affiliated with that site. Freedom Daily occasionally bases its stories off real news sites, like the Chicago Sun-Times. But it rewrites those stories with such a hard political angle that they read like opinion pieces.

Other points:
Freedom Daily has an annoying high rate of banner ads and pop-up ads. Content is divided into these sections: "US Intel," "Military and Veteran Intel," "Foreign Intel," "Video Intel" and "Refugee Crisis." The Facebook page for Freedom Daily is officially verified by Facebook and it includes a telephone number with a New York area code. However, it does not identify its founder."

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