Forward Progressives

Established in 2013 by someone named Allen Clifton. The site provides little additional information about who Allen Clifton is, except that he's a native Texan who lives in the Austin area and graduated from Sam Houston State Univ. FP provides no other information about whether anyone else works on the staff.

Political position:
Left-wing. A sample headline: "Addressing the Latest Asinine Conspiracy Being Pushed by Conservative Media." FP has a particular interest in LGBT issues.

FP's stories are based on links to outside sites and they are supplemented with Clifton's own opinions. FP has linked to stories and videos on Business Insider, Politifact, MSNBC, CNN and other mainstream sites.

Other points:
FP has advertising on its site, but it does not accept donations. FP has pages on Facebook and Twitter, and it publishes a free email newsletter. Content is organized into the sections "In the News", "LGBT", "Religion", "Right Off a Cliff", "Fact-Checks" and "Editor's Picks". FP's story pages include comment sections at the bottom of each page. There are several sites online that claim to have outed Clifton as either a GOP front or as a front man for something more sinister. None of these sites appear to be real and seem to just be trying to trash FP for being a liberal site."

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