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In June 2014. Daily Signal is owned by The Heritage Foundation, one of the most well-established conservative Washington think tanks. DS's co-founder and editor is Robert Bluey, who has also written for RedState, Washington Examiner and other right-wing online publications.

Political position:
Conservative. The Heritage Foundation has ties to both establishment Republicans, as well as to the Trump administration. Its current president is former South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint.

DS does its own original reporting and tries to publish real news. It tries to focus on issues that the Heritage Foundation believes is overlooked or underreported. DS has a staff of 12 and it also uses freelance investigative reporters. As an example of its attempt to produce real journalism, some of its stories have included interviews with real officials, such as Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback discussing the impact of federal healthcare law on his state. Other contributors to DS include Sharyl Attkisson, a former journalist for CNN and CBS News. DS stories often take an objective approach, such as acknowledging that the recent Obamacare replacement bill faces a tough time obtaining approval. But DS also takes a conservative approach to stories, such as highlighting a story about a move to approve vouchers. DS also includes many opinion pieces written by well-established figures in the conservative realm. For a news site that is owned and published by a conservative think tank, DS does a very good job of trying to act and appear like a real news organization and making an attempt at trying to publish real news. It is perhaps the best site among those conservative sites that publish news with an open disclosure of its political leanings.

Other points:
DS is free, although users must register if they wish to comment on stories. DS does not post or accept advertising and it is fully funded by the Heritage Foundation. DS content is divided into numerous categories, including Obamacare, Supreme Court, Ukraine, Economy, Education, Energy, Law, Security and several more."

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