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May 26, 2002. The founder of Daily Kos, Markos "Kos" Moulitsas Zuniga, is a 45-year-old author who hails from Chicago. He is a U.S. Army veteran and also holds a law degree from Boston University. Before founding Daily Kos, he worked for dot-com startups in Silicon Valley.

Political position:
Left-wing. In addition to news, Daily Kos also provides an online forum for progressives and helps organize progressive groups. The site features diaries written and posted by numerous liberal leaders, including Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

The news on Daily Kos is very trustworthy, although it is written with a decidedly left-wing slant. Daily Kos does not make up fake news. Instead, Daily Kos' stories are based on links to other news sites, such as Politico and the Washington Post, or to sites maintained by the Democratic Party. Daily Kos identifies all of its staff members with photos and short biographies. The site also has an official masthead listing all of its contributors and staff members. Daily Kos identifies its owner as Kos Media LLC, includes listings for job openings and provides a page for directly contacting the site and its editors. The Daily Kos Network includes several other sites, in addition to its flagship Daily Kos, including DKTV and Street Prophets.

Other points:
One of the main features of Daily Kos is the ability of its members to post their own blogs, called "Diaries" on the site. Daily Kos features banner advertising on most of its pages, as well as other advertising at the bottom and sides of pages. It also offers an ad-free subscription to members, according to Wikipedia. Daily Kos has an extensive section on comics, with links to many different online comics all with some kind of left-wing political slant. Daily Kos has its own distinctive design for its website and does not use a cookie-cutter design. In addition to its main site, Daily Kos also publishes podcasts under the "Radio" tag and maintains a separate news section for economic news."

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