Daily Caller


Founded in January 2010 by the Libertarian/Republican columnist Tucker Carlson, and former Dick Cheney adviser Neil Patel. DC was established as a conservative alternative to Huffington Post, according to Wikipedia. Carlson has since left DC and Vince Coglianese is now its editor-in-chief. Daily Caller is headquartered in Washington.

Political position:
Conservative with Libertarian leanings. The DC's stories are unquestionably right-wing-leaning. Some of its columnists take positions such as jailing Obama, and wishing violence upon Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats.

DC is transparent about its owners and authors, providing lists of the names of staffers and their email addresses. DC purports to have its own staff of reporters and editors who conduct their own reporting. DC's content is clearly delineated between opinion pieces and news stories. For the most part, DC's stories are takes on various current events, given with a strong conservative spin. DC's content is made available for distribution for free, via a licensing arrangement with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Other points:
DC is far more than just politics. The site posts content on a wide variety of topics, including entertainment, sports, business and the outdoors. DC also has featured columnists, such as Ann Coulter and Ginni Thomas. While DC does not have ads, per se, it does feature story recommendations fueled by the service Outbrain, for which DC receives an advertising referral fee."

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