CNS News

CNS News was launched under the name Conservative News Service in June 1998 by L. Brent Bozell III, the former president of the Parents Television Council and a columnist whose writings are published in various newspapers through the syndicate Creators Syndicate. Bozell is the nephew of the late conservative writer William F. Buckley Jr. CNS News is owned by Media Research Center, a right-wing think tank owned by Bozell and located in Reston, Va., whose mission is to criticize mainstream media outlets that it deems as liberal and spreading false messages.

Political position:
Staunchly right-wing with no deviation from conservative orthodoxy. The site has online endorsements from Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, giving the site an extra layer of credibility for its right-wing positions. Even though CNS is very upfront about its political leanings, its stories do offer the appearance of trying to be objective, which is rare for any site with a clear political bias.

CNS News clearly identifies its owners, writers and contributors. They are very transparent about who is behind the content on their site. The stories on CNS clearly cite their sources; however, sometimes these sources are questionable, such as In addition to news stories, CNS also has opinion pieces, which clearly identify their authors and disclose any political affiliations or biases.

Other points:
In addition to free news emails, CNS News also offers the ability to become a paid member of Media Research Center, the owners of CNS News. The Media Research Center, a registered 501-c-3 nonprofit, has an online donation form for becoming a member. CNS has both text content and news videos. News is divided into Washington, national, international, culture, entertainment, sports, health, business and weird. CNS also has an online page devoted to political cartoons."

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