Chicks on the Right

The site was founded in 2009 by Miriam "Mock" Weaver and Amy Jo "Daisy" Clark, two Indianapolis residents. The two "chicks" also have an online radio show and have published a book.

Political position:
Conservative, albeit with a slightly moderate tilt sometimes. The two "chicks" say they "value personal responsibility, economic liberty and free enterprise" and are "pro life" and favor gun owners' rights. But they also condemn racism and say everyone should be protected by the First Amendment. They also say they welcome both conservatives and liberals to their discussions and their site lacks the hostile tone found on right-wing sites like Breitbart.

Since COTR is primarily an opinion site, and does not purport to be news, the question of trustworthiness is not as important. That said, in the stories on COTR that are more news-y, the authors cite their sources by name and with hyperlinks; the sources they cite are usually real news organizations, like The Hill. Some of COTR's stories are often sourced to tweets from political figures. COTR posts lots of photos of its founders, as well as photos of its other authors.

Other points:
COTR content is divided into several sections: politics, election 2016, abortion, feminism, culture and others. The site features a "wall of shame" which includes online posts and writings from liberals that the COTR chicks don't like. COTR also has a fun page called the "Chicktionary" that defines many of the slang terms they use on the site and in their radio show. COTR does not charge to access its content, but it does have an online store selling shirts, coffee mugs and other items that say "Deplorable.""

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