Blue Dot Daily

Unknown. Bluedot Daily has no identifying information about its owners or staff. BlueDot Daily was first tracked on Aug. 13, 2016 by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Political position:
Left-wing. While Bluedot is stridently left-wing and regularly criticizes Trump, the site does not have the same kind of belligerent, nasty tone that characterize many conservative news sites. Bluedot's self-proclaimed mission is: " was launched to fill a rather large void online with political media publications, specifically in the progressive news space. We are a blog, not a news source. We write articles and editorials that matter to the Liberal Community and only use reliable, journalistic sources as our foundation, and we provide links to all our original sources within the text of our articles."

Bluedot Daily states up front that it is a blog, not a news site. Its articles all come across as opinion pieces about various current events. Bluedot does not identify its founders, owners or staff. BD posts bylines on stories, but the bylines do not link to any biographical info or to a photo. BD's stories are typically just aggregations of content taken from other sites, like Politifact or NBC News.

Other points:
BlueDot has a cookie-cutter website. Its content pages stretch on for pages and pages, raising questions about whether the stories are populated by a bot instead of a real person. BD accepts advertising. Bluedot has a video page where it links to political videos taken from other sites."

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