Bizpac Review

Unknown. The site does not provide any information about its founding. It says that it is a private, for-profit company that provides " news and opinion … covering news that matters to conservatives throughout Florida and the United States."

Political position:
Conservative with a nasty tone toward liberals. The site does not question Trump and praises him and criticizes anyone who opposes him. An example of a headline: "Kimmel's plan to bait Trump at the Oscars fails on so many levels."

BizPac Review does not identify its founders or administrators. It gives a West Palm Beach, Fla., address as its headquarters. Its authors have a byline but no biographical information is attached to their bylines. The site's stories are primarily rewrites of information gathered elsewhere, primarily other conservative news sites. BizPac Review sometimes identifies its sources within the text of stories, it usually does not link to those other sites. BizPac Review does embed Twitter postings within the text of its stories, giving them at least a slight dose of sourcing. The site makes this claim on its own behalf: "Our articles and posts are fact-checked and edited, and BizPac Review content is accepted by and listed with Google News."

Other points:
BizPac Review posts advertising and it has a link on site for groups that want to buy ads. The site has a very cookie-cutter-like design and layout, raising questions about whether its content is generated by robots. BPR maintains accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. It also has a free email newsletter, but no paid subscription products. The site also is currently advertising for job openings for the positions of writers and content editors."

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