American News

Unknown, as there is no identifying information on the site. Because of the generic nature of the name, there have been several variations of over the years, according to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. The first appearance of the site in its current form appears to have been in July 2016.

Political position:
This site has a very decidedly right-wing slant. All of the articles are in support of Republican positions and the Trump administration and bash left-wing positions, Obama and Clinton.

Many of the news articles on this site appear to be copies of news found on other sites, including legitimate news sites, although many are reposted without attribution. None of the news articles on American News include links to the original site. Some of the articles on American News that were lifted from other sites have been reworded or changed from their original versions, typically to suit the right-wing slant of the site. A few articles on American News appear to be fake, such as one about Colin Kaepernick leaving the San Francisco 49ers. American News does not identify its editors, writers or owners.

Other points:
American News includes advertising on some of its pages. The American News logo includes a depiction of Ronald Reagan. The link to subscribe to American News' newsletter includes a photo of Reagan. Each news article includes a comment section at the bottom of the page. The American News page on Facebook uses the handle ThePatriotReview. The main site includes links to Twitter and Google-Plus, but American News does not appear to have its own Twitter or Google-Plus pages."

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