Allen West Republic

Unknown but possibly January 2009 by Tanya Grimsley. The site was created by Grimsely, a self-described fan of Allen West, and does not appear to be actually affiliated with Allen West.

Political position:
Hardcore right wing. AWR takes the most conservative stand possible on all issues. AWR lambastes Obamacare, and anything or anyone that opposes Trump. The site runs stories that say Obama is organizing a coup to overthrow Trump, that George Soros is funding anti-Trump demonstrations and other questionable theories.

The articles on AWR are unsigned and have little or no sourcing or attribution. They are primarily repostings of things West has said, or links to posts from other conservative web sites. Most content is simply a rehash of various current events with a very heavy dose of conservative spin.

Other points:
AWR is a member of Patriot Ad Network and a partner of Liberty Alliance, both of which are associations of right-wing news sites. AWR is dedicated to Allen West, a black Republican, retired Army lieutenant colonel and a former member of Congress from Florida. West is also now a Fox News contributor. West was forced out of the Army after an incident in which he fired a pistol near the head of an Iraqi police officer to coerce him to disclose information. AWR accepts advertising. AWR also links to the Patriot Depot online store that sells conservative merchandise."

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