70 News


The site's Facebook page says it was launched on August 2016. However, it was first tracked in November 2016 by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. The site is maintained by unknown editors and publishers.

Political position:
Right-wing, and virulently anti-Clinton and anti-liberals and pro-Trump. Its tagline is "Sharing News That Matters to You." Those include the topics "Hillary's Health," politics, religion, showbiz and finance. It features links to Rush Limbaugh and other right-wing stalwarts.

Fake news, although the site does include some links to outside real news stories. Some of its stories offer no provable evidence. Its only outside sources are links to some outside sites, such as the Drudge Report and Politico. The site does not identify any of the people who report or write its stories. 70 News came under fire in a Washington Post story for posting a story that said Trump won the popular vote and which became one of the most-clicked news stories after the election.

Other points:
70 News has a Facebook page. The website does not include advertising. The home page is a very long scroll to the bottom. Its design and layout is very outdated and difficult to read and navigate."

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